Full Time / Guest Faculty

Expertise that inspires

Quality of an institution is very much related to the quality and commitment of the faculty. We have taken great care to select the best available youngsters and well experienced elders as our faculty. They are all hard-working, committed to the task undertaken and willing to learn and acquire knowledge in their respective fields. They are fully conscious of the nobility of the profession of teaching and will leave no stone unturned in the process. That is why we have absolute faith in them and in their ability to maintain excellence at the campus.

Sl. No. Name Designation and Category
(Regular/Tenure basis)
(UG, PG & Doctorate)
Teaching/Work Experience
(in years)
Industry Teaching
1 Prof. Francis Chandy Jacob Principal & Professor B.Arch , M.Arch 32 6
2 Prof. Kurien Abraham Professor & Dean B.Arch , M.BEM 23 3
3 Prof. John Kuruvilla Professor B.Arch , M.Arch 23 3
4 Prof. Abraham Varghese Professor B.Arch 25 5
5 Prof. Roy Antony Illam Professor B.Arch 25 10
6 Mr. Ajay Abey Associate Professor B.Arch , M.A. Urban Design 10 2
7 Mr. Rajesh George Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Arch 20 2
8 Mrs. Divya George Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Arch 15 2
9 Ms. Tara Pandala Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch 4 2
10 Ms. Gini Gopinath Assistant Professor B.Arch , M.Arch 5 2
11 Mr.Nipun George Assistant Professor B.Arch 3 2
12 Ms. Litta Wilson Pittappillil Assistant Professor B.Arch 3
13 Ms. Lakshmi M.M Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch 1
14 Mr. Sebastian George Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch 1
15 Ms. Asha O.S Assistant Professor B.Arch , M.Arch 1 1
16 Ms. Ambli S Assistant Professor B.Arch , M.Arch 2 4


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